Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time to come home

Well I'm now back in Sydney. I started the trip here and now inevitably I must finish the trip here. It feels a bit weird that it is all coming to an end. This traveling thing and living out of a bag has become my life for the last six months and I think it will be a bit of an adjustment when I come back home to my own room and all the regularities of home life.

Last time I posted I was living it up with Kels and Wyatt with me going up the east coast. We did that whitsunday sailing trip that i talked about and it was so amazing! Without doubt one of the best parts of my whole trip and having Kelsey and Wyatt there to share it with was nice as well. After that we went up the coast and actually went to a real aussie outback ranch. It was a beef cattle ranch and there are a lot of those in the outback of australia because it is basically a desert and nothing else can survive there. haha. I'm not sure how big that one was but talking to others I found out that the largest ranch in Australia is in South Australia and it is 13.8 Million acres!! That is insane. But it was good fun to see outback australia a little. THen we went to Mission Beach Where we all did a skydive from 14000 ft. WHat an adrenaline rush that was, so much fun. Then it was our last stop together in Cairns where we went snorkeling and scuba diving on the great barrier reef, which was also really really good. The colour in the corals in pretty spectacular. After that Kelsey and wyatt had to go home and i continued on upward to Cape Tribulation which is northern part of Australia where they have the Daintree Rainforest. I spent a few days up there walking through the rainforests and spotting crocs in the wild! I came back to cairns for one night and then took the greyhound bus to Alice Springs where I did a three day tour of Uluru or Ayers Rock. It is the largest rock in the world and it is the middle of the Australian outback. It was pretty cool to see and the aboriginal history behind it was interesting as well. I finished that and then flew back here to Sydney, where it all began.

I am doing one last tourist thing tomorrow when I go to the Blue Mountains which is a day trip out there to see the mountains and waterfalls and stuff. Other than that I am sorting out all my bank accounts and tax to be ready to leave the country. It does seem crazy that it is almost over. Thanks to everyone who thought about me, prayed for me, kept in contact and messaged me, and to all those who kept up with my blog. I know I didn't always have news and it took a while for me to get to putting up new posts. But I am home soon and you can tell me what you thought of it when you see me. haha. Thanks again to kelsey and wyatt for taking there time and money to come see me, we had a kick ass time. And trust me its better this way! ha.

Until I see you all in person, stay safe and enjoy the summer.


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